An environmental organic chemistry and climate change researcher. Edmond Sanganyado is an African researcher interested in developing innovative and cost-effective techniques for understanding the impact of human activities on the environment. Edmond is committed to ensuring advancements in science become accessible to society through open research, community engagement, and undergraduate teaching.



Edmond Sanganyado - Researcher | Educator | Author

Edmond Sanganyado grew up as an orphan in a small farming town in the northwestern part of Zimbabwe. He obtained an honors degree in applied chemistry from a university in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. A Fulbright Fellow, Edmond Sanganyado holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Toxicology from the University of California. He has written several academic works and nonfiction books including a memoir called I Could Be Someone.

"Edmond taught me the value of creativity as a researcher. He was my advisor for my undergraduate project. He assisted me with experimental design, presenting my research results at SETAC Africa, and scientific writing. Through his guidance, I published my first book chapter. Dr. Sanganyado is passionate about the advancement of practical knowledge among his students."

- Basil Munjanja, former undergraduate student, NUST, Bulawayo

"Edmond is a highly technical scientist who has a strong grasp of chromatographic separation principles and techniques. I enjoyed working with him."

- Cleo Mureya, Senior Analytical Chemist, Tobacco Research Board

Research to build knowledge & teach to encourage learning!

My career objective is to build upon my existing research and science education skill set in analytical chemistry and chemical biology as a faculty who is committed to undergraduate education, community development, and advancement in environmental science.


I am interested in understanding fate and transport of organic pollutants in the built and natural environment.

Quality Education

I am committed to understanding how students from different economic, cultural, and social background learn.


I believe science should not be hidden in big words, it should be accessible and open for it to have a great impact.

Sanganyado. an environmental chemistry researcher

I have 4+ years’ experience teaching undergraduate chemical and biological science classes in Zimbabwe and the US. Furthermore, I have industrial experience having worked as an analytical chemistry. In the past ten years, I have conducted research across four continents through collaborations and research fellowships.

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